My lovely lady bump

I hear about lots of chubby women who get bummed by their lack of perfectly round baby bumps. I haven’t really been one of these people. Sure in the beginning I wanted a bump and I wanted it bad. But now that I’m feeling Miss P wiggle, squirm, and kick my cervix, my bump watch has become less obsessive. And now that other people besides my husband, who is obliged to tell me I look pregnant and NOT like I went on a Frosty bender, are commenting on my bump, I figured I’d take my lady bump public.

It may not be perfectly round. It may not be the bump all your friends get. But it’s my 24 week baby bump that houses our little girl. Nothing is more lovely than that.

20120123-214251.jpg *who doesn’t love a classy work bathroom picture, complete with crazy eyes?

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