Day 1 of 365 – Mom & Daughter

Way back when I bought my first DSLR camera I also I started a photo 365 project. You basically take a photo a day for one year. Some did it for the giggles, some (like me) wanted to learn how to actually use the camera and the best way was to use it repeatedly.


I always said I wanted to try it again but never knew when to start it up again. I almost did it the year Tana and I got married but I remembered this 3 weeks after we got married. So scratch that. When we found out Tana was pregnant I mentioned starting another 365 project, so there we are. I actually remembered to start it (kinda, I remembered 4 days after Paige was born but we were camera happy that first 4 days anyway).


So this is Day one. My favorite image from that day. Close second was Tana sleeping on the operating table still cut open. :D


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