Paige is… Two Months Old!

I have a feeling I’ll be saying this Every. Single. Month. but I cannot believe Paige is already 2 months old! This month has been a trying one in terms of trying to make sure she is as comfy as possible because we were diagnosed with reflux. Little miss was put on Zantac twice a day and had a formula switch from the standard to the gentle one (she’s a delicate little flower like her mommy!) in hopes that she’s be able to keep more food down and be in less pain during and after eating. We think that she’s done well with the meds and formula switch but we’ll know for sure at her 2 month appointment on Tuesday.

She’s a spitty little thing so luckily mommy has found an awesome etsy seller who makes super cute AND absorbent bibs. Chicky needs to be fashionable while she’s spitting up :) Jim and I are hoping she outgrows the spitting sooner rather than later just because we don’t want to see her in pain. But, our pediatrician has told us that some kids are just “happy spitters” which makes us laugh because as Paige is spitting, she’s smiling the entire time. Crazy kid!

We’re getting ready to dive into cloth diapering so I’m sure next month’s post will be riddled with cloth diapering commentary. Other than that, we’re enjoying our summer with our little lady and getting excited to see her grow and change each and every day.

What Paige is loving:
- I said it last month and it still holds true… God bless Fisher Price and their “Snug A Bunny” swing.
- Baby Einstein Ocean Adventures Play Mat. I swear lying on this mat can change her mood from crabby to love & light in no longer than 3 seconds.
- Itsy Bitsy Yoga Class at Bellani. Paige (and Mommy :)) have made some new friends and learned lots of fun “make my baby stop crying” techniques.

What Paige hates:
- Her car seat. Girlfriend acts like you’re driving tooth picks underneath her fingernails each time she’s strapped in. We’ll be moving to her convertible seat sooner than anticipated in hopes that she finds more comfort in there.
- Pacifiers. Including the seventeen (okay maybe not…) WubbaNubs I bought after being fooled into thinking she liked them.

Paige’s personality so far:
- She’s really starting to “talk” and coo up a storm. She’s a chatty girl when she wants to be!
- Paige is a stickler for her bedtime routine and daily schedule. Throwing her off even the slightest and she let’s you know she isn’t a fan. I wonder where she gets this type A-ness from…

Paige’s “firsts” this month:
- First TWO zoo trips! First was with her baby friends from our May Mommy Group and the second was with daddy, mommy, Auntie Jenn, Uncle Rob, and cousin Emily.
- First Fourth of July was spent celebrating America AND Auntie Lulu’s birthday. It was a big day!
- First Themed Party! Paige’s buddy Xavier celebrated his first birthday with the coolest pirate themed birthday party to which she got all dressed up in her finest pirate princess attire (see above photo!).

What Jim and I are loving:
- Paige has found her hands and Jim and I get such a kick out of watching her go to town nom-nom’ing her little fists!
- Paige likes to burrow her face into daddy’s chest and when she does, she comes up with a fist and face full of “daddy fur”. Okay… so maybe Jim doesn’t love this but I think it’s hysterical!

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  1. Erica says:

    Adorable. She is so cute! I love reading about her.