Paige is… Three Months Old!


Three months old. Really?! 3 months?! I can’t wrap my head around how quickly our little lady is growing and changing right before our eyes. I feel like we’ve finally hit our stride in terms of really knowing Paige’s personalty and what works and what doesn’t. Kiddo is so much like me (which is an amazing, in case you were wondering ;)) in terms of when she wants to snuggle and be held and when she’s had enough and wants to be left to her own devices.


She’s become such a chatty Cathy and coos and smiles for just about everyone she sees. Jim and I caught her first real belly laugh giggle last week. It stunned us both and we couldn’t help but laughing along with her since it was so out of the blue and oh so adorable.


Between the chatting and the desire to roll over, it’s been a busy month! Paige hasn’t lost the startle reflex so she’s still swaddled to sleep… But we fear those days are numbered as little miss desperately wants to roll from back to belly. She tries and tries and tries, grunting the entire time, but has yet to make it al the way over. We’ll see what this next month holds in store!


What Paige is loving:
- We introduced her Jumperoo a week or so back and girlfriend loves staring at the sunshine toy that is attached to it. Makes us laugh because she stares it down so intensely.
- Hanging out with her baby friends! From yoga to trips shopping, we’ve been lucky to meet some lovely ladies and their babies for some mommy & me time.
- Her swing is still her BFF followed by her activity mat in a close second. The activity mat is such a hit that we bough tone that folds easily for travel to take with us to friends and family’s houses.
- P loves to sit up and see the world. Our kid may be a tummy time failure but she loves to sit up on our knees and watch the world around her.


What Paige hates:
- She still has a love-hate relationship with her car seat. It’s pretty unpredictable as to if she’ll be okay in the car seat or not.
- The heat. We have central a/c so Paige is used to a consistent 72 degrees. Well, it’s summer in RI which means it gets pretty toasty outside. Cue heat rash and some irritability. We combat it by stripping her down and taking her for a dunk in Gram’s pool. A win-win for everyone :)


Paige’s personality so far:
- She is loud! Ha! Cooing, hollering, and general chatting with herself in a mirror, her toys on the play mat, the birds on her swing, daddy, mommy, the lady at the post office… You name it, she’ll talk their ear off.
- She’s a 7p-7a sleeper (and has been for probably a month and a half now – sleep deprived parents, feel free to throw stones at us) so the predictability there is oh so nice (and so is having a couple hours of mommy & daddy relax time after P hits the sheets!).


Paige’s “firsts” this month:
- First trip to Wrentham Outlets. for most this isn’t a big deal but Momma likes to shop so this deserves special attention.
- First tye-dye party. Paige celebrated by sleeping in the Boba carrier on Momma.
- First experience with cloth diapering. We’re loving the cloth and how truly easy it is to use (along with being so much better for the environment and our kiddos booty). I’m going to dedicate an entire post to cloth diapering so stay tuned for that!


What Jim and I are loving:
- Her smile. God her smile melts our heart. It’s so coy and impish. We love it.
- Her chubba wubba thighs. We’ve had to retire some of her adorable rompers because they dig into her thighs too much.

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