Paige is… Four Months Old!


As per usual, I am shocked that our princess is a month older. It blows my mind that 4 months today we were welcoming this nugget of a baby and today, we’re listening to her giggle and soak in the world around her. It truly is amazing and humbling to watch a child grow up.

This past month we’ve battled rash after rash. From diaper rash to heat rash to an under the chin rash we’ve realized our kiddo is super sensitive. Luckily she doesn’t seem phased by them but it makes me worry (of course). I’ve made far too many neurotic phone calls to the doctor (as well as a few visits) for said rashes and have been reassured she is a-ok. Luckily my pediatrician takes my neurosis in stride :)

We’re noticing that Paige is dying to sit up. When you try and lay her back in your arms, she wants nothing more than to sit up. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s an early sitter… but a late (or non-existent crawler!) as my kiddo has little to no interest in tummy time or the whole mini push up thing. She is THISCLOSE to rolling from back to belly but I’m in no rush to have that happen as we still swaddle for sleeping and I plan to do so until she rolls intentionally or goes to college. Whichever comes first.

Another note worthy item this month was changing over her clothes from 0-3, 3-6, and 3 months to 6-9 and 6 months. It’s amazing how our kid is growing like a weed with her long torso and short legs (just like mommy & daddy). As I start to stockpile clothes for winter, I’m buying 9 months but some 12 months too. Craziness!!

And as always, we’re loving everything about being parents. It truly is such a blessing and a challenge and I for one know that I couldn’t do it all day every day without Jim by my side. Cue sappy “awwww!” sound now.

What Paige is loving
- We unpacked the exersaucer and she loves staring at the black & white pandas and penguin on it.
- Chatting with anyone or anything that will listen. She obviously gets her outgoing nature from her Daddy (haha!).
- Anything she can suck on. We’re pretty sure she’s starting to teeth which means if she can grab it, it goes straight into her mouth.

What Paige hates:
- Naps. Ha! She is a rockstar overnight sleeper but her naps are hit and miss. Somedays we’re lucky to get a few 30 minute cat naps and other days, she’ll sleep for hours. She just likes to keep us on our toes.
- 4:30 pm. I know it seems weird that a kiddo can hate a certain time of day but this little lady is no fan of 4:30 to bedtime (which is luckily right around 6:30). I thought maybe that it had to do with crummy napping but even on good nap days, she looses her patience with the world around 4:30 pm. Called the witching hour but seasoned parents, it is something I don’t wish upon my worst enemy.

Paige’s personality so far:
- She’s a chatterbox and even more so this month than last. Her squeals,coos, yells, and giggles seriously melt my heart. Even her “I’m going to sleep now” sounds are freaking adorable.
- This kid is like her momma and needs 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep overnight.  It amazes me how come 6:30 pm, she has checked out and is ready to go meet the sandman.

Paige’s “firsts” this month:
- First time visiting Auntie Jenn & Uncle Rob & Cousin Emily’s house. It was Uncle Rob’s birthday and Paige celebrated by spitting up all over the place. Yays!
- First time staying with YaYa & Grumpy for a looooong time. Mommy & Daddy started photographing weddings again and YaYa & Grumpy are the go-to babysitters while we work weddings. Paige was the perfect granddaughter for them (like they’d tell me if she wasn’t!).
- First Fantasy Football Draft. This barely counts because she was sound asleep in bed by the time the draft started. Haha!

What Jim and I are loving:
- We love to sit and talk with Paige. Putting her on your lap and having a conversation with her is hysterical.
- Making her “Dance”. We have taken one too many videos of me singing and her dancing on our kitchen island. Trust us, it’s cute (the dancing, not my singing).


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