Paige is… 6 months old!

I’m in a state of shock over the fact that our baby is 6 months old.  That’s a half a year which means we are half way to her FIRST BIRTHDAY.  Ah!  So unbelievable and so wonderful.  We feel so lucky and blessed and humbled to have become parents to this sassy, adorable, and precocious little lady.

I always scoffed at people who said that time would fly by once the baby was here but I’m here to admit that it is whole heartily the truth.  I feel like we just met her yesterday but have known her our whole lives (if that makes any sense at all). In a flash we’ve gone from a “tiny” (9 lbs 5 oz of tininess!) newborn to a big kid with a personality that becomes more evident daily.

This past month has been a month of growth and changes for the princess.  From rolling to tripod sitting, she is growing and changing daily.   We also marked a milestone this month – I left my job to be a stay at home mom.  I don’t know if my new “job” will be permanent but for the time being, I’m enjoying being home with Paige and doing all the fun things stay at home moms do (like go bra-less all day ;)). 

What Paige is loving:
- foooood! She loves to try new flavors and is such a good eater. 
- rolling around on the floor is a new favorite hobby of hers.  Put her down in one place and we guarantee she won’t be in the same spot when you return. 
- Mischa.  I know people say man & dog are BFF but Paige’s love for Mischa is unmistakable.  She giggles and screams with joy when she sees her and she just can’t get enough.  It slays us.  

What Paige hates:
- when someone suggests to us to “keep her up a little longer and maybe she’ll sleep later in the morning”, we laugh at them openly because when P is tired, she is TIRED.  Girlfriend is all done for the night and ready to hit the hay around 6 pm.  We try out best to push it of until 6:30 pm but anything past that, and we miss our window for good sleep and it’s a hot mess around these parts.

Paige’s personality so far: 
- she’s becoming more and more expressive with her squeals, grunts, coos, and giggles.
- I’ve said it before but she wants what she wants when she wants it.  I think that’s a Jim trait.  HA! 

Paige’s “firsts” this month:
- we went to a pumpkin patch and farm with Paige’s Auntie Melissa, Uncle Tom, and MTA.  We picked pumpkins, visited horses, and played in the hay.  
- we visited the always popular Scituate Art Festival.  Paige decided art festivals aren’t hip enough for her so she slept in the stroller for a good part of the day.
- it was Paige’s first Halloween!  She had two costumers – a bumble bee from Ya Ya & Grumpy and a watermelon.  She went trick or treating at Grammy’s house and got to hang out with her cousin Emily for a bit there (she was the always lovely Tinkerbell).

What Jim & I are loving:
- the sounds that come out of our child’s mouth range from what we affectionately call zombie noises to her “trying to be princess Ariel”.
- her facial expressions are killer – from shocked and horrified at the taste of new food to excited and giddy, the girl is quite animated.

One of the mommy groups I belong to has a weekly photo challenge and this week it was to post a picture of your little one in their coming home outfit, then and now.  So out came the romper & headband Paige wore home from the hospital.  Needless to say, the fit is a little different 6 months later.  Haha!  The romper is now a dress… just add some bloomers and she’s good to go… right?  

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