Paige is… 7 months old!

Helloooooo 7 months! We are officially closer to 1 year than we are to “just born”. Crazy! This past month has shown us an explosion of Paige’s personality. She is becoming SO MUCH FUN! Super expressive with her crazy giggles and “talking”. It makes me swoon on a daily basis.


We celebrated we half birthday this past month with her baby friends from my mom group. We feel so blessed that we have those babes and their families in our life. From zoo trips to meeting Santa – I know these kiddos will be friends for a looooong time!


Our kiddo is an awesome eater but this month we had our first food allergy – to eggplant. Ha! Who’d have thunk it?! Her little face turned red and blotchy immediately after eating it. A quick dose of Benadryl and tossing the rest of the eggplant in the trash and that was that! As Jim said, there are much worse things to be allergic to in life and we will reevaluate it after she runs a year old.


What Paige is loving:
- sitting up like a big kid is one of her favorite things to do. We like to hang out in her room on the floor and play with her favorite toys. Sitting up also allows mommy & daddy to go out to eat again! Have high chair cover, will travel!


What Paige hates:
- packing tape. Haha. No seriously! I’ve been doing a lot of packing up of headbands and secret Santa gifts and every time the big roll of packing tape comes out and we use it, she flips out. I wanted to do it again to get it videoed but Jim poo poo’ed that idea. Fun sucker.


Paige’s personality so far:
- Paige is so opinionated, which is just a kind way of saying she is a lot like we momma. When she is over something and is ready to move on, she lets you know by fussing in this grunting sort of way. It’s oddly charming.


Paige’s “firsts” this month:
- we celebrated Paige’s first Thanksgiving! She ha her first bites of Turkey a few days after the holiday and seemed unimpressed.
- Jim and I started the tradition d decorating for Christmas on Black Friday so we continued that this year so Paige had her first experience with a Christmas tree. We even set up a table in her room with a mini tree with all of my mini ornaments from when I was little and accented with some pink ornaments, tree skirt, and topper :)
- and to fully get in the Christmas spirit, Paige met Santa for the first time. She was mystified by him and didn’t vomit on him or pull his beard. A win win!!


What Jim & I are loving:
- when Jim walks in the door after work, Paige lights up. She screams in glee, big smiles, and flails her little arms in excitement. I know it melts her daddy’s heart.
- watching her grow and change by the minute.  I know it sounds entirely too corny but it’s true – we are in awe of this little human we made.


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