Paige is… 8 months old!


As each month passes, I’m continually amazed that our once small (as small as 9.5 lbs can be!) baby is becoming such a big girl. Her increasing demand for independence reminds us daily that she is growing and changing and is thriving. We couldn’t ask for much more.

We had a busy month here… from teeth to bath tub poop (ha), it’s been a month of new experiences with Miss P. I said that after the holidays were done I would get more serious with first birthday planning. I can’t believe I’m planning her first birthday party… ALREADY?! I feel like just yesterday she was a tiny blip on an ultrasound machine.

What Paige is loving:

- sitting on the floor and playing with her toys. Paige received a Little Tikes toy box from Santa that keeps all of her toys neat and organized and gives her choices to play with. She is getting quite good at moving a toy aside and then reaching for it and bringing it back to her when she’s ready.
- puffs & yogurt drops are her snacks of choice. She loves to self feed herself these little bits of Plum Organic baby food goodness.

What Paige hates:

- having to sit still for any length of time is the bane of her existence. Paige wants to go go go – except that she can’t crawl so her efforts, while amusing to us (humping the ground while pressing up in a plank like motion is her favorite move to date) are futile. I’m in no rush for her to crawl but we hate seeing her so frustrated by it.

Paige’s personality so far:

- she’s a little high maintenance but she is my daughter so this isn’t really shocking to anyone :)
- she is still a chatty cathy! Her favorite sounds are “mamamama” and “bababab”. Every now and then we’ll hear a “gagaga” thrown in for good measure. I know some folks will think their baby is saying their first word but I’m not that ridiculous ;) Until Paige looks at me and says “mama” without turning to Mischa or a plant or the floor and repeating it, it does not count.

Paige’s “firsts” this month:
- Paige has teeth! 2 to be exact. Jim noticed the first one pop through the weekend before Christmas and it’s partner in crime came up this past week. Teething has been ok here; just some added fuss, rosy cheeks, and a little diaper rash.
- we started to introduce more table foods and so far, my kid has liked the most bizarre thing… dill pickles, pickled ginger, and green pepper top her list of favs while pancakes & scrambled eggs are on her “meh” list. I’m sure once she gets used to the different textures it’ll be better but until then, only pickled food for the princess ;)

- we celebrated Paige’s first Christmas! It was such a fun time for us to watch her claw and scratch at the wrapping paper and mouth every new toy that was put tin front of her. She was immensely spoiled by Santa in the form of mom & dad and YaYa & Grumpy so she probably won’t need any new toys until she’s 13.
- we also celebrated Paige’s first New Year’s Eve/ Day. As you know, my kid is a party animal (ha!) and stayed up until a whopping 6:30 pm on NYE.
- we lowered Paige’s crib to the lowest setting this past month. Although she isn’t steadily pulling herself up, she was jockeying herself into position a few times and we figured we may as well make the jump now.

- pooping in the bath tub… TWICE! Girlfriend has never been an evening pooper but just this past week, she’s left us a little present in the tubby not once, but on two separate occasions. What is extra fun about this is that she’s a ninja pooper and we don’t notice the poo until she is splashing around and poo particles are flying. Good times.

What Jim & I are loving:

- seeing how Paige lights up when Mischa comes into the room is adorable. She LOVES her dog and Mischa is really good with Paige and let’s her tug on her fur and “pet” (aka smack her) her as long as she is allowed to lick her face all over.

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