Paige is… 9 months old!


It’s official. Paige has been an “outside baby” longer than she was an “inside baby”. Fun milestone, right?! 9 months old seems SO OLD and so far away from the squishy little newborn she used to be. We are getting ready to celebrate her first birthday in a few short months and with that comes a whole new adventure. We can’t wait! We are betting that she wil be over 20 lbs at her next well visit and she’s comfortably wearing 12-18 month clothes. She has such a long torso and chubba wubba thighs. I just cannot get enough!

What Paige is loving:

- rolling, backwards scooting, and bouncing are her favorite physical activites. She’s an animal and wants to go-go-go at all times!
- we’ve graduatd from just self feeding puffs and yogurt drops to more adventerous things like whole grain waffles, mango and apple bits, and shredded cheese. She will push your hand away if you try and feed her a bite from your fingers and only wants to do it herself. Someone is flexing their independent muscles.


What Paige hates:

- sleeping past 6:30 am seems to be against her religion or something ridiclous. No matter her bedtime, girlfriend is up by 6:30 am. While we are grateful she does sleep so well at night, we dream of the day when she let’s us sleep in past 7 am.
- Paige has realized that when we put her arms into her sleep sack, it’s nap time. She makes the biggest outy face and whimpers as if to say “no nap, please”. It’s beyond adorable.


Paige’s personality so far:

- still my chatty Cathy, she’s added a little mimicking to the mix. We have been doing some baby sign language and one of them is the sign for “all done”. Well she has started to mimic us saying all done in her own way that sounds like “uh duh”.
- Paige likes to be with one of us at all times and if she sees you leave the room, be prepared for a meltdown of epic proportions.


Paige’s “firsts” this month:

- we now have 4 teeth – two top, two bottom!
- Paige helped celebrate my birthday by picking out a lovely Alex & Ani bracelet for me. Girlfriend already has great taste!
- we are taking a Tot Gym Class at our local maternity boutique with her pal Henry so she’s been making new friends and doing all sorts of new things; parachutes, balance bars, handkerchief play. Super fun!
- a certain little lady came down with her first illness – an ear infection and pink eye. Thank goodness for amoxocillon – she was feeling pretty good within 48 hours of it in her system.


What Jim & I are loving:

- playing with Paige is becoming more intercative and fun for us. Being a parent is rewarding from day 1 but having your child interact with you is really enjoyable.
- while she was sick, all she wanted to do was snuggle. I love those little nuzzles she gives and I was taking full advantage of it while she was a sickie.

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