Paige is… 10 months old!


Double digit months are here… 2 months from today we’ll be celebrating her first birthday. Amazing!! We are fully engrossed in first birthday planning and we can’t wait to celebrate with our friends and family! Lots of fun things to come before that though… Her first St Pats and Easter are on tap this month… And just wait until you see the adorable outfits I’ve picked! I love dressing my baby up – she’s basically an oversized doll for me and I love it :)


What Paige is loving:

- while she isn’t crawling yet, girlfriend gets around by log rolling and pushing herself around on her belly. One minute she’s sitting quietly on the rug in the loving room and the next she is under the dining room table. She wants to move and shake it – Lord help us when she does start crawling!
- while I still make some chunky purées for her, she is pretty much eating everything we are for her meals. I am a total control freak with the food she eats but she is loving trying all sorts of new foods.


What Paige hates:
- riding in the backseat alone is no fun in Paige’s world. Jim typically sits back there because its more comfortable than the front passenger seat due to P’s car seat so when we go out as a family, she has built in entertainment. But when mommy & Paige are alone, it’s a different story. A certain someone is a crankasaurus when back there alone. Oy.


Paige’s personality so far:
- always a chatterbox, we are loving that we can get Paige to repeat things we say. Such as the word/ name “Bob”. Ha! No idea how it started but she randomly calls out for Bob and it cracks us up.
- she is headstrong and wants what she wants when she wants it. I wonder where she gets that from…


Paige’s “firsts” this month:
- we are up to 8 teeth – double what she had last month.
- Jim and I went to Vegas for close to a week and Paige had her first slumber party with YaYa!


What Jim & I are loving:
- the waving, giving kisses, “so big!” arms and other gesture that she’s doing on command are adorable and quite funny to see.
- we love to watch her have conversations with her toys – she concentrates so hard and talks to them intensely.


One Response to Paige is… 10 months old!

  1. BARbARA says:

    She is more beautiful everyday, And YaYa can’t get enough of her, she makes me laugh when she tries to crawl.. Its like she is doing the swim…