Paige is… 11 months old!


T minus 1 month until our baby turns 1 year old. I’m amazed and humbled and excited for the next chapter on the horizon – TODDLERHOOD. Gasp! Where did my squishy little curl up on your chest and sigh contently newborn go?! Th invites for her first birthday bash went out last week and we cannot wait to celebrate our little love with our friends & families.

What Paige is loving:
- we finally feel like we can say we have a crawler. Sure it’s this weird zombie style crawl but it counts!
- Paige is officially on an “eat what mommy & daddy eat” diet. From BBQ Chicken & Gouda Quesadillas to Pasta, girlfriend has a hearty appetite and we are loving watching her try new foods.
- now that the weather is breaking, we are loving spending time outdoors (as you can see from our 11 month photo session above!). We live within relative proximity to a couple of decent little playgrounds that have baby swings so between taking a trip there and just playing on our deck, she’s loving the new sights & sounds all around her!

What Paige hates:
- afternoon naps are for suckers! Her morning nap is pretty good and her overnight sleep continues to be fine but the afternoon nap is so hit & miss. We range anywhere from 17 mins to 90 mins. And there’s no rhyme or reason for it being shorter or longer or any given day. Captain Safe Sleep Crazy Pants (aka: ME!) introduced an Aden & Anais blanket and a lovey over the past few weeks to use in the crib for naps in hopes it would help but so far, no consistency with it.

Paige’s personality so far:
- Jim and I alway remark on how chatty she is and how we are in so much trouble when she has real words – she’s absolutely going to talk our ears off! She’ll have these seemingly deep, serious conversations with anything and anyone – from Mischa to the toy box, no one of nothing is safe!

Paige’s “firsts” this month:
- Paige got to experience her first St. Patrick’s Day and first Easter this past month where, of course, she was spoiled positively rotten by everyone!
- we started going to story time at our local library one day a week and she’s made some new baby friends along the way.
- Paige had her first swing experience with the nice weather we’ve been having – she’s a fan and we’ll have to invest in a swing set in a few years when she can enjoy it more.
- Jim is a huge fan of Del’s frozen lemonade so this past weekend she had her first taste and she, like her daddy, kept wanting more.

What Jim & I are loving:
- her expressive nature – waves, giving kisses, calling out for us, clapping – it is all beyond adorable.

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