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Paige is… 11 months old!

T minus 1 month until our baby turns 1 year old. I’m amazed and humbled and excited for the next chapter on the horizon – TODDLERHOOD. Gasp! Where did my squishy little curl up on your chest and sigh contently … Continue reading

Day 331 of 365 – Ponytail Kisses

Paige is… 10 months old!

Double digit months are here… 2 months from today we’ll be celebrating her first birthday. Amazing!! We are fully engrossed in first birthday planning and we can’t wait to celebrate with our friends and family! Lots of fun things to … Continue reading

Paige is… 9 months old!

It’s official. Paige has been an “outside baby” longer than she was an “inside baby”. Fun milestone, right?! 9 months old seems SO OLD and so far away from the squishy little newborn she used to be. We are getting … Continue reading

Paige is… 8 months old!

As each month passes, I’m continually amazed that our once small (as small as 9.5 lbs can be!) baby is becoming such a big girl. Her increasing demand for independence reminds us daily that she is growing and changing and … Continue reading

Paige is… 7 months old!

Helloooooo 7 months! We are officially closer to 1 year than we are to “just born”. Crazy! This past month has shown us an explosion of Paige’s personality. She is becoming SO MUCH FUN! Super expressive with her crazy giggles … Continue reading

Paige is… 6 months old!

I’m in a state of shock over the fact that our baby is 6 months old.  That’s a half a year which means we are half way to her FIRST BIRTHDAY.  Ah!  So unbelievable and so wonderful.  We feel so … Continue reading

Paige is… 5 months old!

  Wait… Paige is 5 months old?! That is just beyond crazy! Our little lady is growing like a weed and blossoming and changing before our very eyes. It is truly humbling to see. This month was a big transition … Continue reading

Solid Foods – Making, Storing and Serving

I’ve been planning out how to make purees for Paige for months now. Painstakingly researching pureeing, freezing and serving methods as well as which spoons, bowls, and the pieces of kitchen equipment I would need to achieve the desire results. … Continue reading

Solid Foods – Take 1

  I’m fairly certain that I’ve been researching solid foods and their timetable for introduction since Paige was still in utero!  Those who know me will say this comes as no surprise because A) I’m obsessive with researching and B) I’m a total … Continue reading

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